The LifeChats & COLE

About the LifeChats Collection

The vision for the LifeChats Collection is to inspire and galvanize current and future women leaders by sharing stories of triumphs achieved through overcoming obstacles, doubts, and major challenges.    Through real, organic conversations with women who have done extraordinary things, we illuminate their passions and struggles and the resulting lessons for success.  The differentiator is to do so in a way that readers can see their own passions, dreams, struggles and challenges in these stories.  Because readers are able to relate, they can be inspired to think, “we can overcome this challenge, we don’t have to fear failure, we can do it too.”

The collection will feature several industry-focused series.

About the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLEAD)

Although significant progress has been made in women’s leadership over the past few decades, much work remains to be done. As part of the effort to address the leadership challenges posed by new global realities, the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE) has established the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLEAD).  To empower women as agents for transformational societal change, WLEAD focuses on providing a pathway for women into positions of power and influence; arming women with the knowledge and inspiration to overcome obstacles, challenges, and struggles; and creating connections among leaders (both men and women) who understand the powerful role diversity can play in transformational change. Examples of how WLEAD is doing this are:

  1. LifeChats Collection: inspirational lessons from women of power across different domains, that are drawn from the triumph of overcoming challenges and failures. The collection will contain several industry series.
  2. OnBoard Bootcamps: programs that provide insider knowledge and networks to preparing for service on corporate and advisory boards. This is done in partnership with PartnerCom and WomenCorporateDirectors.
  3. MBA Leadership Development: providing the next generation of business leaders with needed tools to think about their leadership development.


About the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (COLE)

COLE is a premier center for developing current and future leaders to address new global challenges.  We infuse our curriculum and leadership programs with real world perspectives and undergird them with academic research findings.  Our offerings range from cutting-edge experiential learning programs and peer-to-peer coaching, to traditional classroom courses and research studies.   COLE was established in January 2004 by the Fuqua School of Business, in partnership with Duke Athletics and The Kenan Institute for Ethics. For more information, visit our website